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The gang in front of Big Blue


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Ollie pretending he's not enjoying himself.


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Seals sunbathing


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Nins Bin


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Day 12 Renwick

Wine and wind

31 °C
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No real rush this morning and all very relaxed.

Breakfast was brought to our cottage at 9:30. Definitely one of the best we've had so far. Plenty of natural cereal, bread, orange juice, yogurt and a fruit platter from the orchards on the property. Lovely.

We took it easy for the rest of the morning, although Mel did a great job in catching up with cleaning our clothes. The kids just played games with each other.

It was great not to worry about being somewhere or being busy booking a room for the night.

Around 1pm we drove into Renwick to pick up some bikes for our tour of the wineries. Unfortunately for Aimee she had to be over 10years old to ride a bike on the road.

Being so independent she was most put out.

We'd planned to hire a trailer buggy to put Ollie in but it now meant I'd be pulling two round instead of one. Not good news for me! I could tell it was gonna be hard work.

So we set of to our first place, the Forest winery. It was getting pretty hot with a strong breeze brewing as we started.

Huffing and chuffing(at least I was) we arrived. It was great inside and we pretty much had the sampling bar to ourselves.

We set to work tasting all the wines, I was loving it and not holding back although Mel was a little more sensible!

The winery had a great book on wine dogs, essentially a book on all the different types of dogs each winery owns across New Zealand. So we got chatting to the staff about dogs.

Next thing we knew we were being introduced to the resident Black Labrador wine dog, Aimee was made up. I carried on sampling!!

Next winery was the Wairau River where we planned to stopped for lunch. The wind had really picked up now and it was hard going pulling two kids to next vineyard.

We pulled in and it we more water than wine that I needed, but one must soldier on!!

We ordered lunch and Mel and I got stuck into more sampling. To be honest the wines were all starting to roll into one. Which wasn't a problem!

Anyway I ordered a glass of the Pinot Gris and Mel the Chardonnay and we sat down at our table under an alcove overlooking the lawns and vines. Top spot!

I order the cheese platter and Mel the pizza and we quaffed the wine down. By the time lunch was finished, too much wine, too much food and a long bike ride equalled a little lie down!!

The winery had kindly placed bean bags on the lawn and I settled in for a quick 5mins!

Next up was the Framingham winery. Yet another huff and chuff on the bike to get there. It wasn't that far but the wind was really blowing now and the sun beating down! It was hard going and I was whacked when we got there, with the two kids yelling 'mush, mush'

Kay, the lady who runs our B&B also works here so we got chatting to her and another couple from Bermuda and South Africa who'd been staying in the cottage next to ours.

It was all getting very sociable and more sampling flowed, although the mix of exercise and wine wasn't great.

Looking out of the window, it looked like cyclone wind conditions with all the trees bent over. It was a strange site as it was still blazing hot.

It was getting close to 4:30 and Mel had plans to squeeze in one more place before they closed.

Unfortunately it was next door and straight into the gale force winds!

I can only say that I tried, the wind was simply too strong. We weren't actually moving forward with the kids kids in the chariot behind me. I've never seen or felt anything like it before. So we gave up and turned for home.


No need to pedal for large stretches as the wind simply blew us along. We stopped off at the Forrest winery to buy some bottles and pickup a copy of the wine dogs book before taking the bikes back.

The last leg back was exhausting due to the wind nearly blowing us over every few seconds. The chap who'd rented us the bikes said he'd not seen anything like it.

Still it was all good fun, but all I wanted now was a shower and a lie down. Which I promptly did when we got back.

After and afternoons drinking, eating and exercising i woke at 7pm a bit  bleary eyed. Mel had booked us into some swanky bistro for 8pm at a winery. More wine no doubt!!

It took ages to get ready and we walked into the bistro at 8:20 and had to make up some excuses about being late. Last order was at 8pm but we sweet talked them in to it.

I'd had enough of wine for the time being and needed a couple of beers to get going again.

This place had a fantastic garden out the back and since the wind had completely died away we dinned outside next to the couple from Bermuda and South Africa.

Another great meal and bottle of wine later we headed home for some much needed rest.

This was to be our last night on the south island as we'd be taking the ferry to Wellington tomorrow.

Oh! We'd quizzed the kids to see if they new what the capital of of New Zealand was. Not a clue, so next we tested them on what was the capital of Australia.

Aimee gave this some serious thought and announced that it was 'A'

Where was the education money going!!

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